Who we are

The origins of "Cavour Pyrotechnics" date back to 1819, when the founder of the pyrotechnic family, Boccia Michele, decided to undertake this activity by opening a factory in Ottaviano (Na).

The dedication to this art has been handed down from father to son, up to January 2015 where, with the opening of a new factory in Nola (Na), Raffaele Boccia left the field to his son Vincenzo, who is full of passion and new ideas is ready to combine the old tradition with the new modern shooting techniques.

With the help of a centralized ignition system, Cavour pyrotechnics is able to design, choreograph and perform pyromusical shows, day and night shows, with the utmost precision, colors and imagination.

"Today knowing how to shoot a firework is not art: true art is knowing how to do it, what to do, how to do it ...