La nostra storia

Our history

Pyrotechnics is the art of giving shape to fire, transforming it into spectacular colors and sounds. It is known that it was the Chinese who discovered gunpowder around the year 1000 but in reality, rockets and war explosives were already being built in China as early as the IV-IIV century. BC In fact, pyrotechnics were initially aimed exclusively at military uses. Over time, the playful use of gunpowder also spread, especially in the Baroque era when the great courts of European kings began to celebrate great events with majestic fireworks to enchant the people.

While all the other arts have their own history and very precise rules and theories, pyrotechnics advances over time in silence, with its secrets known only by pyrotechnic masters and admirers of this noble art. This is precisely what makes fireworks, the products of pyrotechnics, so fascinating and mysterious.
Of all the pyrotechnic "schools" in the world, the Italian one is certainly the most famous. In particular, the "Neapolitan school" is the only one that has been able over time to produce cylindrical artifices with multiple timed apertures: shooting bombs. Over time, the influence of the Neapolitan stokers was so strong that it inspired practically all Italian pyrotechnics. The peculiarity of the Italian fireworks is that they are artifices produced in a totally artisanal way, still with the ancient techniques of the past. This means that in an Italian fireworks factory there is no fire like the other; each artifice is a unique product.

The Boccia Cavour family is one of the oldest Neapolitan pyrotechnic families and boasts a centuries-old experience in the sector, since the forefather Michele Boccia opened a fireworks factory in Ottaviano (NA) in 1819. With the opening in 2015 of the new factory in Piazzola di Nola (NA), the master Raffaele Boccia left the field to his son Vincenzo who, full of passion and new ideas, is ready to combine the old tradition with the most modern firing technologies.

In fact, the greatest revolution in the pyrotechnic field of the last decades has been the introduction of electronic firing systems, which allow you to create shows and choreographies never seen before in total safety. In addition to the manufacture and sale of fireworks, Pirotecnica Cavour is able to create the most modern and complex shows thanks to the skills acquired over the years and the possession of the most modern and sophisticated firing systems.
The peculiarity of our company is precisely this: Knowing how to give even the most modern and innovative fireworks display that touch of tradition that fans love so much and that makes our fireworks unique.