Il Capodanno

New Year's Eve

The use of fireworks has been associated with celebrations for centuries. Every self-respecting day of celebration is crowned by the magic of fireworks displays. Among them, a special place belongs to the New Year.
All over the world the New Year is linked to fireworks. Every great metropolis on the planet organizes majestic firework displays and it is common practice for people to shoot fires as a sign of celebration and joy.

Of all the "New Years", the one that most certainly brings to mind the use of fireworks is the Neapolitan one: In Naples, saying New Year means fireworks. There is no alley, no street, no square where no fireworks are lit. The whole city together with the neighboring villages at the stroke of midnight literally becomes a painted and illuminated picture of fireworks.
Pyrotechnic enthusiasts await this day all year round, preparing in the previous months by buying the best fires to amaze friends, relatives who have come for the dinner but also entire neighborhoods in many cases.

The atmosphere in the city on December 31 is surreal. From the early morning explosions, pops, flashes of fire and the smell of gunpowder begin to fill the atmosphere in a non-stop crescendo until midnight, when a real pyrotechnic frenzy is unleashed that will last for at least a couple of hours . It is an emotion that can be understood only if experienced.
Piroworks and Pirotecnica Cavour are able to offer fans, but also those who simply want to have fun on New Year's Eve, the widest assortment of fireworks.
To surprise and excite loved ones in complete safety.