Frequent questions

  • 1 How are fireworks lit?

All fireworks are equipped with an ignition fuse which is used to activate them. Each fire has a label with instructions that will indicate the correct ignition mode depending on the artifice.

  • 2 Up to how many KG can I hold at home?

It can hold up to 5 Kg of active material freely.

  • 3 What changes between a battery of 20mm caliber fires and a 30mm caliber?

The caliber of a battery defines the power and magnitude of the effect. A larger caliber will result in a wider opening and colors, as well as a louder explosion.

  • 4 What is a COMPOUND

By compound we mean a battery of burners made up of several batteries already connected to each other. These will create a show with multiple effects. It is also possible to have compounds with launch tubes of different calibers.

  • 5 What do you need to buy your fireworks?

The law of the European Community establishes that the pyrotechnic fires classified in F1 can be purchased by those over 14 years old while the F2 can be purchased with the requirement of being of age. Therefore, during the purchase phase, it will be necessary to provide the details of a valid identification document. F3 fireworks can only be purchased with firearms permit or clearance and exclusively on site.

  • 6 Where are the characteristics of a firework indicated?

On the label of each pyrotechnic article there are all the specifications concerning it.

  • 7 What does Pirotecnica Cavour do in addition to the retail sale of pyrotechnic articles?

Pirotecnica Cavour also deals with the manufacture and execution of night, day and pyromusical fireworks.

  • 8 What payment methods can be used?

You can pay with any type of credit card, Paypal, Postepay top-up, bank transfer or even cash on delivery with an extra € 10 for every € 150 spent.

  • 9 What are cold fires?

These are fires that do not produce heat and high smoke. They can also be used indoors and do not pose a fire hazard.

  • 10 When will the goods arrive once I have made the purchase?

Our system will send us the order confirmation as soon as the payment is validated. This process can take different timelines due to the different banking systems used. Once validation has taken place, the order will be sent to our staff members who will process it.
Delivery times are up to 48 hours excluding islands, starting from the moment our electronic system validates the order.

  • 11 How will the fires be shipped?

By ADR express courier, as required by current legislation.

  • 12 What should I do if a fire does not start or stops?

A firework that does not light or stop is always considered defective and should never be treated lightly. Some burners have a spare fuse designed specifically to be used in case of malfunction. If this is not present then you should never try to turn it back on.